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Mobility is one of the key elements in the lives of human beings not only For work, social, educational and other activities but also for pleasure seeking. Mobility is also an essential ingredient in the development, progress and prosperity of nations. Buses and coaches are the all important means for providing such mobility to all categories and classes of people.

Design development and quality of these vehicles has. however not received adequate attention of vehicle designers, safely activities, service providers and other interest groups like users, tourists and Tour operators. Consequently buses and coaches, barring some, are built on truck chassis by inadequately equipped bus body builders including 'under the tree " fabricators with scant regard to their quality and aesthetics.
In the recent past, however a few reputed and well equipped manufacturers have taken up the task of developing and manufacturing world class buses and coaches. Commuters and Tourist have also started demanding improved comfort levels, safety, and environmental friendliness incorporated into them. Consequently some world class buses are seen on the roads as a welcome development.

Following the above situation the concerned governments agencies have been working in tandem with the automotive industry bus and coach operator, tourists and other users to not only bring about visible improvement in structural stability and strength, passengers comfort and safety, noise and air pollution control aesthetics, etc but also in standardization of designs, creation of their unique identity and the much sought after quality image for this sector, In that a 'code of practice' for bus body builders has been developed and adopted as an automotive industry standard to bring about standardization of bus and coach requirements as also to set fabrications, certification and quality assurance bench marks, Steps have also been taken to improve bus and coach fabrication capabilities by laying down bus fabrication facilities' requirements and evolving a system of accreditation of bus body builders in the country. All these are welcome developments for the bus and coach industry as also for the operators and the users alike.

Obtaining and maintaining highest quality standards involves continual interaction amongst the academicians, researchers, technologists, designers, coach and bus operators and users in particular and the communities in general. Bus Coach India Journal is intended to provide a much needed platform for the said purpose. This journal is a first attempt to provide you some food for thought in improving the quality and identity of the bus and coach industry.

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